Which Way, Faustian Man: Revolutionary or Reactionary Conservatism?

March 3rd, 2021

Post by Steppanwulf

I'm normally disinclined to engage in reactionary criticism, but I must object to this oddly prevalent notion of a great "civilisational reset" within dissident-conservative circles, for I see it as tantamount to advocating for a societal lobotomy.

This anti-modernist, "Year Zero" mentality is part of the problem - not the solution - as it implies that we can't adapt, and this is precisely what provides our enemies with the verbal ammunition to effectively counter-signal the dissident-conservative narrative: which, frankly, is valid on their part.

Are we unable to sublimate both our societal strengths and weaknesses in order to incorporate a psychological and physiological transcendence into the future? Must we therefore "opt out" of modernity because Silicon Valley (currently) possesses the power to un-person dissident voices with a large following? Indeed, are we not of a stoical disposition? One would think Stoicism is symbolic of the conservative worldview, but it would appear that this seemingly unanimous, absolute rejection of modernity within dissident-conservative circles is at odds with our desired means of making true progress.

Why, then, must we insist on handing our enemies the key to modernity, thus the future? They have no legitimate claim to either, yet we dissident-conservatives consistently yield to the very moral, political, and social framework our enemies project onto us.

Thus you must ask yourself: is this Year Zero mentality an expression of the Will to Power, or is it simply an unwitting will to collectively self-destruct?

Choose your Weltanschauung: are you going to Mars or are you chasing pigs in mud huts?

"Let your love towards life be love towards your highest hope: and let your highest hope be the highest idea of life!"
- Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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