Thought Magick VI

October 24th, 2020

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1. What keeps people in the darkness are generalities and categories, because it allows the human mind to relax and be okay with assuming things to be this way or that way, to be kind of like this or kind of like that. Over time we forget these differences and assume they are all equal to each other, as cogs in a machine meant for just one purpose (rather than all of the many potentials each one has): to power the machine.

This machine is the new God to feed and power. That's why mass production is "good", because this new religion of the Mechanical God is telling people what is morally right and wrong. It is good to love your Prince, but it is a sin to go against him. This is how low IQ people are easily herded, because they can't get past these parameters of guilt, sin, and blessing.

The ultimate sin, however, is ignorance, because it goes against our own personal development and keeps us locked inside of this stagnating paradigm.

And ignorance, after all, is the very purpose of political correctness, a psychological game to train your mind to jump through specific hoops in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

But the free-thinker chooses to bypass the program and freely walk around that whole obstacle course and say what they honestly believe without the need to justify their beliefs and opinions.

2. When your life is turning over and reaching the cusp of a new stage, the Past and Future begin to merge, and incredible synchronicity and opportunity surface.

Here, as in the science of superconductivity, a "critical point" is presented where magic is most intense and apparent.

What I mean by the Past and Future merging is that you are directly encountering people from both your Past and Future, i.e. old friends whom you haven't spoken with in years suddenly return at the same time as new, critical friends are made, especially concerning key romantic relationships and friendships that are there to progress you forwards in life, whether it be relocation, significant financial gains, or great career success.

Perhaps the Mars retrograde opposition to the Sun has some influence on predicting such an important event as this?

3. The world would cease to be if we all completely gave up on progression and sought to not ever change anything.

Surely there is a sure point of perfection we would attain as so?

By that point, we end the game, and a new game is thus born . . .

The whole point is to become a god, where the game begins with the Fool and ends with the World . . .

And the Fool begins when the World ends.

4. I think it's wise to give reverse psychology a look at.

Sometimes I think about how the more you tell a child to not do something, the more they feel compelled to do it.

Likewise, it seems it is a good strategy to use to pull folks into one direction or the other.

If they say "stop the Jew-hating" then it is that they actually WANT you to become a radical Jew-hater.

Maybe this is a part of the whole Jewish victimhood mentality where ONLY the underdog is seen as the victor? Where SYMPATHY through being so "obviously" seen as the most suppressed and helpless of all people, is sought because it's the easiest to BYPASS natural racial hierarchy?

It's the old trick of giving someone puppy dog eyes to get them to cater to you by letting your guard down and giving them a bit of your bread.

They use hospitality in the most insidious ways, which is probably why they're quite skilled as merchants as it is a clever tactic that plays/feeds upon the emotions. (And I think it is a trait of theirs that can only be rid of by themselves, rather than "fixed" by others, because, remember, they really don't want to have to do anything by themselves.)

And this idea applies to EVERYTHING they say you should or shouldn't do. I believe they actually WANT THE OPPOSITE to happen of whatever it is they say.

I think their goal is to pull everyone by every human BELIEF and OPINION and PERVERT the people into GOING AS RADICAL AS POSSIBLE.

So the solution?

Don't become so egotistical to where your motives are toxic and destructive! Don't get so carried away with your beliefs that you drift into grandiose dreams and lose your ground and slip into the abyss, far away from enlightenment and GODHOOD.

Be centered, wise, humble, yet strong. Thinking before speaking and acting, as you would in a game of chess.

Doing this will prevent you from falling into the trap of their reverse psychology and playing RIGHT INTO THEIR GAME.

And so I believe it is wise to not assume that every single Jew individually has a sinister motive, but to discern each situation and person for what it truly is/who they truly are, while ALSO being aware of their group psychology and the way they are naturally programmed . . . just as is with all races.

Don't assume Jews will think like an Aryan and hold the same morals as us, but still keep in mind that there are a few who are actually good people. And usually these good Jews are not the ones with the money. Money corrupts them so severely . . . which is why they are not able to manage the position of being king of the racial hierarchy.

5. In ancient Norse lore, the very distinguishing trait of a king and/or demigod was that he would know the language of birds.

And for a very good reason! I remember watching several years ago in a prepper show that this guy who lived out in the woods had his own natural alarm system: birds. He spent much time in listening to and understanding the various bird calls to know what's going on in the woods.

Likewise, this would be an incredibly practical skill for a king to have! To know when and where danger lurks, to know where food might be, to know if a storm is coming. A king who can survive on his very own in nature is truly worthy of his position because it speaks of not only his physical endurance, strength, and constitution, but also of his intelligence and strategy.

Also, one should keep in mind that crows and ravens are incredibly telepathic, and so it seems easy to see how tuning into specifically crow and raven languages would prove extraordinarily advantageous . . . seems like they offer more detailed answers.

6. From my experience, negative entities are repelled by Sunlight and Love. No shadow wants to be understood and seen for who they really are . . . so they channel it into achieving cheap, temporary power gains.

Even simply invoking the Sun to shine its light and expose the darkness renders a drastic effect. And when you accompany that with invoking Love, that light is fueled and sustained so easily and naturally.

And sometimes too I think that these negative entities are the shadows of the light entities . . . for either to exist they must have the other. But it is inevitable that all darkness will be exposed, and the Universe be pure and harmonious once again.

And this constant, perpetual war between light and darkness, good and evil, and such polarizations is the Universe LEARNING of itself. The light exposes the darkness and learns something new and meaningful. A new purpose and sense of self arises.

Continual advancement. Continual life . . . for what can be called living when there isn't the dead to compare it to and distinguish it from? We're happy when we're growing, and the darkness indeed does make us grow quite a bit to overcome it. And that's the silver lining the Moon shows us.

And you see, this is what information does. This is the power the information YOU share has. Remember that.

7. Maybe the search for Bigfoot is the search for the primitive in us all . . . similar to the search for aliens.

To an old way of being before tainted by society.

They're both a form of searching for a far away, detached part of ourselves.

Like a hermit on their pilgrimage.

Like Nietzche's Zarathustra.

Like the Enlightened Ones . . . like the Gods.

The search for the inner God.

And maybe this is a good reason to have a mission to be focused on so much . . . because our great search for Truth leads us on that road to becoming Gods again.

But the Conscious part of our selves that goes to work, studies, and socializes would never, ever admit that.

8. The reason autism is encouraged so much is because the autistic mind focuses on quantity over quality.

Also, notice how the zombified soul's will to power IS the escalating line on the graph!

Once that is halted, back in the grave they go, because their entire existence is based on that materialistic, hedonistic grave!

And that's exactly how fragile the system is.

So always remember that even with how strong that industrial force is, that's ALL they have, and that's it.

9. To a human, the realest anything could be is most like us - human physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Gods want us to understand how very real they are . . . the realest they could ever be to a human is as another human.

But I don't see this in a nihilistic light because it is more of a confirmation of our own power and the many, many more godlike possibilities and qualities we are actually capable of!

10. Only Love conquers the blind Ego and opens the Heart to it truest desires . . . and through our truest desires is our real path to Power.

To allow hate to lead your will to Power is like expecting a vacuum who only knows to absorb and consume to vomit something from its mouth, to produce something it simply can't.

It simply doesn't work no matter how much we need it to. This is why evil can never claim true Power and seeks to take away and fill that very Power they lack.

11. Like the image of a proton star, we influence time and space in forever constant motion . . .

the center is here in the Present, and the energy emitted is every fleeting moment that changes from our very most core, true Present Self.

This energy is comprised of dust and bions.

And this energy also is both our Past and Future equally.

12. To want is a far stronger action than to need.

Notice the difference in when I say "I want life to have purpose" versus "I need life to have purpose".

To want something infers that you are strong enough and fully able to willfully make a choice, whereas to need something infers that you are not in control of your life or yourself, that something else has become your master and you are at its mercy and therefore its subject.

13. Be(a)ware of whom you look up to and call "God".

Quoting Sir Francis Bacon in his Novum Organum . . .

"XXIII. There is no small difference between the idols of the human mind and the ideas of the Divine mind—that is to say, between certain idle dogmas and the real stamp and impression of created objects, as they are found in nature."

14. Reading a little more in Novum Organum, it seems that the underlying theme he expresses when talking about methods of reasoning is that the inside always defines the outside, that the smallest and most fundamental is what defines the larger things, be it generalities, bodies, images, etc.

15. I’ve noticed that I can merely THINK about something, and the ads for it pop up . . .

A.I. is leveling up exponentially.

And when you apply quantum physics to it, it can easily enter the psychic realm, because, after all, what sort of reality is the atomic world? . . . here photons send information to the complete opposite end of the Universe in less than a blink of an eye.

And by psychic I don't mean some undefinable magic . . . I mean precisely the undergrowth of the atomic world that produces its effects into the neural sphere . . . and as they say "your perception shapes reality".

16. Black Moon Lilith is the Moon's apogee (or the furthest point the Moon is from Earth at a particular date), representing the dark vacuum of our innermost insecurities . . . and thus fascinations and obsessions.

The Achilles Heel of the Soul.

17. Noticing patterns is a clear streak of what makes a genius a genius. The genius naturally pierces through the superficial, and the normies are left out in the cold who then grow envious of their superior neighbors.


The Prince, by Niccolò Machiavelli