Thought Magick III

September 12, 2020

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I. In 50 years (if it lasts that long) the current Western world will have divided further and further into two sides to where one will be forced to pick a side. If they don’t, they have no chance of survival. The middle is being cut out, so there are only two means of living in society.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world (the lower pawns) replaces that middle ground. How? By invading the West and acting and speaking as the commoners, as they become the majority.

So then, what is there to do? Is there a way to stabilize the West and bring her to the golden age by using this new middle ground as a tool?

I do wonder if there is a way to bring the whole world back into order with each level of people in their proper place? Because it seems the problem with the West is that the lower pawns (the third-world workers) are living life as an average European worker.

The bottom line is that moving them up the ladder creates chaos and confusion, and so they become mad with this newfound power and way of life.

What then would become of the Europeans? They’re at the top of the ladder, so those right beneath them would want them to be gotten rid of as quickly as possible so they themselves will be at the top. Perchance that’s the whole Jewish agenda.

It seems that for Europeans to maintain their power, they must put everyone back into their proper place. Send the third world back home.

This way, they cannot replace the commoners of Western princedom, because to gain the favor of that people would mean the European leaders would have to give them the resources and protection they want . . . and they want Europeans gone so they can feel “safe” and “protected”.

That’s the Jewish advantage. The eternal, jealous “underdog”. The kid picked on in school whose mind twists with vengeance and hatred. Question is then: how do we deal with it? Seems the best solution is to ostracize them again and let them figure out their own darkness.

II. There are only a handful of films and show made today that I can really appreciate. Most, as many of you will know, are only ultra animated cartoons made for the “big kids” who like their heroes fit tightly into cosplay with some vague Aesop fable from their philosophy 101 class to compliment a very basic and poorly scripted plot – a recipe we see again and again fit comfortably into an easy Hollywood budget. You don’t really want to see the films, you really aren’t that excited for it, but you watch it anyway for old time’s sake because it reminds you of the experience you would revel in years ago. And that’s the thing: it is a psychological reel to lure and draw your mind into the cinema of the scripted agenda. What symbols your Subconscious picks up on through the images, words, binaural beats, and music are baits for your emotions to bite onto and be rendered vulnerable and exposed to the pulls of the puppeteer.

This is the mechanics of a story. And I suppose a story only becomes interesting if it is perceived to hold some kind of practical clue to fix the broken self, just as much as we look up to our elders and leaders for advice. But this framework in itself is by nature not malicious nor beneficial. It simply depends on how it is used. Hollywood targets those of college-age especially, bribing them with flashy colors and praise for poor efforts. As their heroes are telling them “it’s good to express your true self” to an audience that doesn’t even understand what truth is, their Subconscious reads this as “be as alien and detached as possible to scale the pyramid of natural selection”. Problem is that it only paints over the wallpaper and doesn’t actually remove the deep-rooted neural bindings that actually keep them locked into spiritual retardation. Thus they will continue to behave as brats though with a slightly more educated vocabulary to impress the actual adults around them.

III. It seems easy enough to explain the occurrence of when one drains the lifeforce out of another through negative behavior, calling such a person a “psychic vampire”. Their aura distinctly burdens and radiates the atmosphere with sickness and uneasiness upon approach. Likewise, what then of the warm, pleasant feeling one gets when they act on kindness? We often assume it is an unexplained phenomena as something that “just feels right” without being entirely certain as to what that vibe specifically is. Like the psychic vampire, this too is an energetic exchange, but one that renders a positive effect upon both individuals, which infers that is a form of healing as it is one giving a little of their own essence in exchange for the release of the other’s energy. This tiny release of energy is the shift from distrust to trust, where they let their guard down to a certain degree. As is with the shifting electrons that emit particles of light called photons, this energetic shift of trust emits a pheromone that allows both for the better reception of the other’s energy and for their own energy to appropriately supplement the other’s. When both receive each other’s kind energy, or pheromonal release, it peacefully heals, similar to a mutual back massage.

In the same way, this energetic shift, as well as the emission from the vibrating Universe, is simply the natural breathing cycle of creation and destruction. Any change or superimposition, no matter the element or condition, must exhaust its dust. The serpent must shed its skin as it grows.