Thought Magick II

September 5, 2020

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1. On the account of the Elder tree (as well as every other aspect of nature and its fauna, flora, and all that in between and without it) and its properties, we have the structure of human thinking and personalities. Perhaps it is us who give it life by giving it a story to tell, but also legend claims that the Hylde-Moer, or the Elder Mother, reside within each Elder tree. The question is: who begot who? Did we breathe life into the inanimate, or did the seeming inanimate breathe life into us? Did we give all of nature and each of her aspects stories, or do the spirits inspire those stories within us? It seems they both are reasonable and true, for as this world is comprised solely on polarities, we and the spirits feed off of and inspire each other, as so goes the organic flow of the alternating current where one opposite jumps off of the other opposite and onto the next level and thus spirals further and larger with infinite inertia until a third force steps in and halts its growth. As the Universe is made of only polarities, this means there is no room for a third party. And so when the third force is introduced, there begins the decay of that life till it dwindles and dwindles into its zenith, only for that creative spirit to rise again from its ashes in a new form. Thus we experience the cycles of reincarnation and the seasons. And this introduction of a third party is seen also in our romantic relationships. Many argue the practicality of polyamory, but the truth is that no matter how we may seek to suppress that natural urge to destroy the third member, it never rests evenly on our conscience and simply cannot sustain any healthy and functioning relationship. That third member is the death of that relationship. Like the alternating current, this third influence may very well stir the current on a bit, but that change guarantees that the original current will not behave the same as it did, and thus it ensures the death of the original seed. It is an attempt to change the core nature of human function, just as much as one who insists they are biologically male when they were indeed born female, and vice versa. And it may be argued that if one were to begin a relationship with two others at the same time that the original seed wouldn’t be mutated and so the relationship would be successful. I suppose then the question is: would a third party create a healthier current, or would it mutate it? I believe that such success is only wishful thinking because the ultimate original seed was planted millennia upon millennia ago when humans first walked the Earth. It was clearly decided then that only one male and one female would carry life onwards, otherwise we would’ve had another very distinct sex other than just male and female. Now in this day and age of societal decline we see the enforcement of an infinite number of genders in order to make up for this imaginary third sex. The question is: could such a strong effort change the fabric of reality to make it indeed as if there always was a third sex? What would be the implications of a Universe based not on two opposite polarities, but on three separate counteracting forces to propagate life in all manners of form (not just genetically, but also electrically, mechanically, psychically, spiritually, creatively, etc.)? The entire makeup of our reality would be completely on a new level of vibration! And vibrating subatomic particles is what stimulates breath and life, implying that the structure of their operation would be a whole different system than what we experience today. Now we come to the idea of: which way is the Universe heading? Are we elevating towards the 3 or towards the 1? In particular, is the goal of evolution to be completely spiritually in sync with the one to achieve wholeness, or is the goal to deconstruct our nature and make it more difficult with more components for life to birth? Isn’t complete spiritual wholeness and unity as one the seed of a marriage? The two becoming the one? But then again, perhaps staying too far left or too far right of the number 2 pulls people into the extremes today of radical egotism and radical altruism? Perhaps then the real goal isn’t to be celibate nor promiscuous, self-propagating nor further divided? Maybe then the real goal is simply being achieving the right balance with nature as best we can rather than repelling and rejecting it and drifting too far away from our own true natures (spiritually, biologically, emotionally, and intellectually).

2. Back to the Elder tree, I have come across some lore stating it as “a catholicum against all infirmities whatever”. The Elder is said to possess the ability to heal everything from a toothache to the plague via purging all toxins within one’s system, being such a highly revered entity for its healing, strength, durability, and flammability. This purgative quality is what has struck the mind and stirred the heart of humanity so in such a way that many times has the Christian archetype of the betrayer, Judas, been expressed as hanging himself from the Elder tree. It may seem puzzling at first as to why he should hang from its beautiful branches, and from this the sadness of death is also perceived in lore. The conclusion I have come to is that the Elder represents Jesus Christ whom is portrayed as the most pure human in existence with great magickal healing abilities. Judas hanging is symbolic of ultimate betrayal against that which is pure, good, and holy, and the price he was given (and thus has to pay) is 30 pieces of silver. Silver is the reflective metal of the Moon, mirroring the image of the self onto the self, conveying the focus of Judas is on his own self, to reflect upon his own conscience and being. In tarot we have the number 12 in the major arcana given to the Hanged Man whom represents introspection and seeing the world from an entirely new angle. Was it not Óden who had offered up his eye to Mímir’s well and sacrificed himself upon his spear, Gungnir, and then hanged himself upside-down for 9 days and nights to learn the wisdom needed to prevent the destruction of the gods? Ah, you see here that perhaps Judas was not the great epitome of sin, but rather was the most devout to love and truth? It is even said that his ears grow upon the Elder as the fungus, Hirneola auricula Judae, which even grows in the shape of an ear. And perhaps Christ’s other disciples would have rejected such a sacrifice if they were called to the wisdom Judas had learned? Perhaps he knew the significance and power to be had of Christ’s martyrdom that would ricochet throughout the centuries? You see, in these 30 pieces, there is always a silver lining to a story. And the primordial creative fire is in the Elder’s etymology – Æld, the old Anglo-Saxon fire. The fire of God. He who gives life; he who consumes; he who transforms and abolishes the old. In the present he shines unto you in silver flame and rises and sets as the Sun in sexual embrace upon the world you see today.