Thought Magick I

September 5, 2020

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The following are fragments of my recent thoughts, all being “information downloads”:

1. The more of your father’s light and darkness you understand, and the more of his darkness you overcome, the more successful you become, which is why first-borns are often most responsible and are the leaders. They have been exposed to more of their father’s true and raw nature, and so they are more acquainted with his psyche and functions of both mundane and spiritual levels. By this familiarity with the father, they develop a natural instinct to acquire dominance over his own and his father’s world. This is what the father is actually teaching his son.

2. What you plant in the very most beginning, no matter how minor or insignificant, is the most critical time of shaping its future and success.

3. The beginning is always the most impressionable and easiest to change, whereas any later becomes increasingly more difficult to alter.

4. Youth is maintained through a versatile and flexible nature.

5. From a recent vision I had, I read a passage from an old book which explained (in words more or less in this manner, though the idea is still absolute and exact): “We may learn from the German Emperor, Gias X, his mastery of power and knowledge.” I understood this mysterious German Emperor as the most successful emperor in world history, knowing exactly 100% how to rule the world, but knowledge of him and his historical presence has been removed from the public view where only highly advanced government officials have learned of him. His name, Gias, is where we get the name “Genghis”, as the latter is a derivative of the former, meaning also that Gias X predates Genghis Khan.

6. The idea of rationalizing with pure logic is a devilishly tricky way to the following: to steer you away from your inner truth and power; to temper your inner power; and to bolster the truth you innately know to be true beyond question. Only geniuses can see this paradoxical scheme. Rationalizing garnishes your creative light with the darkness it needs to sustain the mind in this current reality, and specifically narrative, lest we be assumed completely mad and thus become alone . . . and no one truly wants to be alone, even in a mad world.

The idea of rationalizing is to fit your creative light within a narrative, thus we may assume the father to be the rationalizing duality to our way of processing the world, for the father is the filter of your mother’s creative light. Expose and clean up your “father filter”, and you have yourself a healthy and successful individual, no matter the severity of your mother’s and father’s natures as long as you are strong enough to hold that balance. Your biological parents are the most intimate form of your mother and father archetypes.

7. The forbidden fruit is the same as Persephone’s pomegranate seeds. As the old adage has it: “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. The Faerie Queen is the keeper of the inner Self’s garden and its magic and mystery . . . Look to the mother for that fruit. Cain slaying Abel is symbolic of Adam’s maturity from naïve boyhood to wise manhood, and so goes the cycles of the slaying of the old Sun King at the equinoxes.

The old order slain,

For the new order to reign.

The creative spirit exhausts all order and form,

And outlives the slayer of mountains –


. . .

If time operates as a circle, as they say, then perhaps that would mean that the cavemen from the days of yore weren’t dense brutes, but actually the tribal hippies of today who choose to be closer with nature and thus seek the primitive lifestyle? In reality, time functions as a sphere, and so any point within time and space is perceived as a memory from the angle of the present. Do we think of the mind as a singular circuit? No. It is the same thing with time as it, just as much as anything else of nature, has a mycorrhizal network. Still, the primitive being lies ever in our mind’s eye, and is why folks fantasize of a zombie apocalypse.

. . .

You see, retrofuturism and its derivatives are the future of narratives. May not be precisely as fantastic as what the stories reveal, but it shapes minds and culture. And it’s only in the very seedling stage right now. Look at the retro trend these days. People are increasingly desiring the outdated and rejecting the flashy new. Why? Art and beauty. And people are naturally more drawn to art and beauty than they are to the ultra mundane and to reams of practical data and statistics. So that’s where the future lies: in the art that is beautiful. Gothic cathedrals are coming back, just you wait.