On the Heretic’s Hell-Fire and Daemonic Absolutism

December 16th, 2020
Post by Moonosity

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"And truly, you good and just! There is much in you that is laughable and especially your fear of hm who was formerly called the 'Devil'!
Your souls are so unfamiliar with what is great that the Superman would be
fearful to you in his goodness!
And you wise and enlightened men, you would flee from the burning sun of wisdom in which the Superman joyfully bathes his nakedness!
You highest men my eyes have encountered! Ths is my doubt of you and my secret laughter: I think you would call my Superman - a devil!
Alas, I grew weary of these highest and best men: from their 'heights' I longed to go up, out, away to the Superman!
A horror overcame me when I saw these best men naked: then there grew for me the wings to soar away into distant futures.

I don’t really expect many to listen here, for this doesn’t apply to a great many of you, anyhow. But for those who choose to step out of banal, reactionary culture to hear something more spiritually-provoking than what the mainstream Jovial God of politics and religion has to offer, well, I have a story to tell you . . .

To live the dissident life is something not many people really understand. It is more than rebelling against the authority of the state or claiming yourself under an unusual label – it is following your heart and rebelling against all those who want to put you under their heel. The heretic is the one the common rabble will accuse of inviting chaos into their cliques, of opening Pandora’s box when it is much sweeter to maintain the status quo. He or she will sacrifice their dearest relationships to speak the uncomfortable truth, for what is a fantasy after all?

A fantasy is a lens you drape across your eyes to deny reality and significant transformation, but that lens is only one of the infinite colors of darkness to lock you in ignorance. Was it really Pandora’s box that concealed the chaos of truth, or was it rather that the World concealed itself from her box? What is it in that ancient fire that Prometheus brought to life that burns hotly at the stake of the heretic?

You see, at the core of every true heretic is the insatiable, plutonic fire of transformation that shakes the dead out of the Earth to dance in hell-fire with their secret inner daemons. Why, the common rabble thrives upon the suppression of their unconscious shadows! We’ve built a culture, a religion, a political institution, a civilization, our World upon that very dark fabric to maintain this damning tradition! What good is fear but only to that of the spider who spun it with its Evil Eye? Is the Evil Eye all that “evil” or is it only a rude awakening to the absolute nature of reality?

I tell you, when you voice your words out loud, the Evil Eye hears everything, but only curses you if your words are false, whether intended or not. It does not see intention, but rather only the cold, unbiased, polarized scales of truth and fantasy. It detests fantasy, though not the fantastical stories threaded upon metaphysical truths of the Self – no, it abhors that which is false to the Self. Imagination is no alien to the Self, for it is the seat of the creative cosmic force, but rather it is how that imagination is twisted to befit an ideal that explicitly denies the value of the reality in which we live.

The Evil Eye is the great, secret protagonist that everyone calls heretic and shames and ostracizes! The Eye is the hermit atop the World on his mountain looking down with enough love for the World to subject himself through trials of fire to uplift a few eyes to the heavenly, celestial sphere he flies. He’s ascended to the luminaries above, yet his love for the Earth gives him reason to descend into her depths and pull the darkness out of her.

Why else would the form of Krishna be dark, and his beloved Radha's marble white and golden? What did Eve tempt Adam with that drew them both out of Eden? Could it be that he willfully, as a most honorable, true man, drew her woes out of her to carry that burden upon himself as Atlas, thus darkening his form with those toxins? The Faerie Queen and Green Man must quickly flee from the Jumanji Storm lest they be pelted with its utter harsh reality! Like this, the toxins cycle throughout the ages, overcoming a boss for each round it completes. Thus is the Sun reborn at the Winter Solstice!

What is salt but the spirit crystallized for the complete dissolution into the main stream? Oh, and there are several streams, you see, that branch off from the main, just diluted enough for the so-called heretics to enjoy. The number of the beast is the number of the sheep, of the cattle, 666, the number of beautiful, sensual, submissive Venus all the way around — the dissolution of the soul into the dirty waters of the common rabble. And you see too, the cattle were present long before Judaism . . . the Bull at the Godhead in the Age of Taurus is but the deified Prince of the World. Is it not in the best interests for his cattle to obey him through political and religious strategy? Watch it now — don't let yourself get carried away with any sort of dogma, be it in whatever forms they manifest in.

But in a paradoxical twist, this deified Prince of the World is the eternal Lucifer, the eternal heretic that brings forward the light he bears and shares it among the dirty, common rabble whom condemn him for blasphemy, for the utter audacity to dispel the darkness that enshrouds them. And they call him the Devil, the Anti-Christ, and wage war against his intimidating being. But little do they know that he is a threshold for both the good and the bad, for both the aware and the blind, to converse and debate over who exactly is God. The common rabble shrieks violently that he is the great Untouchable, the one and only Undefinable Spirit, the Omni-Absolute that knocks down all of your inquiries and calls them blasphemies for you dare to question his authority.

Why won’t he be named? Why is his face covered by both religious doctrine and atheistic nihilism? Ideologies built upon false absolutism are directly under his control, and the herd-like superficiality they exude is his glamour. Such ideologies forbid the questioning of its dogma, and if it is questioned, then the questioner is deemed as a sinner: thus they proclaim absolute faith in the man behind the curtain. You are to only praise, glorify, and worship the cat in Schrödinger’s box and believe without a doubt that the cat is alive, and if it isn’t, well it still is anyways! You see, this is the logic of the herd. They do not seek change, for change only complicates their vision of the Omni-Absolute. And yet the herd at the same time deifies its antithesis as the globalists of the New World Order as some bogeyman to instill the fear of the Omni-Absolute God! Wouldn't it be something if it were all just shadows there in that box and it is our heightened state of fear convincing us that a cobweb is a face? ‘Tis the mind tripping on an alien frequency.

This Omni-Absolute does not like to be named, so we will name him by his original Sanskrit: Bhogavan, the Dark, Egotistical Side of Krishna whom seeks absolute, merciless justice upon the World and will always justify his superiority and reign as the Lord. But like Nietzsche’s Spirit of Gravity that possesses Tolkien’s Sauron and Saruman through Jung’s numinosum spell, he hides behind the curtain of power because his very Achilles heel lies in his discovery, because when you see this pattern I am talking about, you cannot “unknow” it and you will understand the mechanics of the reality we live in and the pervading sickness that slimes its design. You will see the striking difference between the beautiful and the detestable. You will see the light of Lucifer split between the Apollonian and the Dionysian throughout all people and ideologies.

His mother, Purnakanti, is who Christianity, the cradle of homosexuality, labels as the “whore of Babylon riding the beast”, yet her name literally means “eternal beauty”. Like the Aryan woman with blonde hair, blue eyes, and white skin today, she intimidates the World with her beauty, and so she is condemned as a witch, as an oppressor to the lesser and envious. Yet she defies her denunciation by the common rabble and runs with her child away from the Omni-Absolute Dragon . . . but she is quite ahead of his game. For while Ophion, the Dragon, conceals his tyrannical presence behind the so-called epitome of evil, Lucifer, this Goddess, Eurynome, reveals the Serpent’s identity to the World through the light of their child. In this way, Lucifer, the ultimate Heretic, is the threshold of transcendence. He is the revealing light of the Star of Bethlehem (the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn), the very Wormwood that seeks your entire essence and subservience: 666.

Dare to see that light of knowledge which the herd and its dogma do not want you to see and who desire you to submit to their fantasy world of 5,000 genders and Q-anon worship!

But even as the Spirit of the Heretic is set alight by the common rabble, from the cinders and ashes that spirit is reborn again every Winter Solstice upon the Yule log burning happily in your hearth. And so, I bid you all a very merry Yuletide, travelers.


Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche, translated by R.J. Hollingdale (1961)