On the Alchemy of Good and Evil

September 5, 2020
Post by Moonosity

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The key to spiritual evolution is detachment, but I believe what we consider “good” and “evil” depend on if we seek to take the world with us in our evolution, or if we seek to leave it behind. It seems we then arrive upon another numinosum: security versus insecurity. Spiritual evolution guarantees self-security, either through the conscience of saving the world or abandoning it. It takes quite the more effort, however, to marry the world of emotions with that of the spirit than it does to reject it. Simpler is not always the purest route, as everything always possesses an infinitely deep significance. The “infinite” here is in respect to the countless number of unique narratives, or stories, we all conjure.

And what guiding force should influence our decision to save or to abandon the world? Love. But often love comes across as an ill-defined word, lacking the nutrients to sustain the potency of its definition. This is where I feel the goddess Ourania Aphrodite comes in, as her name literally means “Heavenly Love”, which hearkens back to the idea of detachment as a dream lodged somewhere in the hopeful future.

It is love that we idealize as perfect and hope to achieve. This is an archetypal part of our image of our Higher Self. When we penetrate deeper into what inspires that personal image of what love should be, we arrive at genuine appreciation as it takes doing so in order to trace and feel the currents of love’s tides.

Born of the sea foam, her form is even lighter and more impressionable, like that of Radha and Krishna. They feel your hurts, woes, and sorrows a thousand by a thousand, and so to become inspired by these sources of information, our awareness is the more ready to absorb it and understand the depths from the heavy brine at the sea floor to the lightest perceived substance upon the water as sea foam. As anything impresses the sea foam, so do they reveal to us the depths of genuine appreciation.

What then should inspire genuine appreciation? Question is: why not at this point? Like this, it comes down to our free will and splits into the dichotomy of choice, and thus our polar world is born with all sorts of intricately beautiful definitions, shades, colors, textures, sounds, frequencies, memories, facts, opinions, history, and civilization right here, right now as we know it.