On the Übermensch’s War and Virtue

November 6th, 2020

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Steppanwulf has asked me another fine question:

Q: What type of action would you recommend somebody take who can't find a way to believe in God?

A: Well, I’d like to begin with something that has come to my attention as of late: Nietzsche’s concept of war based on purely honor and ideas and their consequences. To quote from Hollingdale’s introduction to Thus Spoke Zarathustra:

I greet all the signs that a more manly, warlike age is coming, which will, above all, bring valor again into honour! For it has to prepare the way for a yet higher age, and assemble the force which that age will one day have need of — that age which will carry heroism into knowledge and wage war for the sake of ideas and their consequences.

This really puts in perspective the drama of the World as to how it metaphysically translates to beyond the superficial means of monetary profit, political power, and resource and luxury accessibility.

What ideas (or spirits) are we propagating and keeping alive? Could it be that because we expect those things to be the reward of war that this reality continues to exist operating within these narrow parameters of fortune and glory?

What if we were to personally seek battle not for the sake of the Ego, but for our own personal, nameless, secret virtue? that which we stand for and is the very cause of our own existence! Now that is a rather powerful sword there to wield, my friend. This path elevates our consciousness to something outside of modern society, not in a fantastical way, but in a very real, focused, and determined way that directly adds value and purpose for everything we do in life. This virtue I speak of is akin to the genuine reverence for a God, but it is never spoken! Never muttered! Never even whispered, lest its spell should break! And even if it should occasion that the spell does break, then it is clear all the same that that virtue was not indeed your very virtue at all, but rather a new virtue is to be learned of!

So to learn of it, quietly, secretly, with the lights turned off and peace in the air, you must ask yourself these two critical questions and let the thoughts drift smoothly into your mind’s atmosphere:

What does your Übermensch see?
What does your Heart feel?

And if your mind should still be too frantic from the day’s hype and troubles, especially when your third eye throbs, press your palm or finger against it. Let all thoughts escape, and allow any to drift in. Now begin with a particular thought about something important (that is, say, a specific project or person you’ve been recently contemplating) and feel how your third eye reacts to it. Feel how it might contract; and if the contraction is painful, your Übermensch is clearly not in line with it. However, if your third eye’s grip is pleasant, you can rest assured it smiles kindly on it. This is how you know your true path.

Doing this exercise will bring you into the habit of getting used to your own Self, your truest Self. It will show you exactly what does and what does not make you happy, and, as I have said before, the most powerful person is he who is the happiest. Why else would a sociopath be successful? He hasn’t the guilt to wear him down! As so, one who is not guilt-ridden, whose conscience is clean and pure will live most freely above any other! Galahad and Baldur the Pure share this with the ugliest of all daemons: a clean conscience; for, after all, the water’s purity extends both directions, echoing up to Heaven and rippling down to Hell. Who can claim either to be right or wrong? The Übermensch can, and he shall, despite all thought and contradiction, for his mind moves as freely as his happy Heart.

But it is easy to understand how these waters are muddied and we become lost in the darkness. Nietzsche prophesied through Zarathustra post-modernity, even eerily down to the midwit’s nihilism and pseudo-intellectualism, socialism, human equality, dependency on quick drug fixes, apathy, and the most banal existence whereby none are inspired to activate their creativity and curiosity. Just observe how the education system seeks its students to merely memorize data and not to develop the mind! And see how the people are most presently being led to crave their stimulus checks! It is by design that we are led to this very state; it is not natural human development! Otherwise, we would be Gods if we were left to grow wild and free!

So I would like to read you a few lines from this prophecy:

The time is coming, when man will give birth to no more stars. Alas! The time of the most contemptible man is coming, the man who can no longer despise himself . . .

They have left the places where living was hard: for one needs warmth. One still loves one’s neighbour and rubs oneself against him: for one needs warmth . . .

A little poison now and then: that produces pleasant dreams. And a lot of poison at last, for a pleasant death . . .

Nobody grows rich or poor any more: both are too much of a burden. Who still wants to rule? Who obey? Both are too much of a burden.

No herdsman and one herd. Everyone wants the same: whoever thinks otherwise goes voluntarily into the madhouse . . .

They are clever and know everything that has ever happened: so there is no end to their mockery. They still quarrel, but they soon make up – otherwise indigestion would result.

They have their little pleasure for the day and their little pleasure for the night: but they respect health.

But how does one get to such a vapid state?

Carl Jung’s spirit guide, Philemon, informed him that every thought and idea is a spirit, and, like animals inhabiting a forest, they come and go the same. The spirits of political, religious, and philosophical ideologies are simply the larger of these animals, whereby they may enter a man’s mind and breed and attract more animals to develop a whole, complex ecosystem that leads him down incredible paths and perceptions. This is the evolution of thought.

Equally, these spirits can be most practically translated as the very unique conditions and personalities of magnetism, for magnetism is a formless vehicle that influences and pulls at the neurons of all who dwell in its environment, which makes it a very easy passage for a spirit to appear to and interact with many people at once in a vision and to answer their prayers. When seen in this way, it really is not that far of a stretch from conventional thought.

So even to the skeptical mind, it really serves to eliminate any harmful magnetic frequencies that can depress their own system, and to open the door for their most strategic and ideal Future, Higher Self (the Übermensch) to bring them up to greater states of perception and, thus, existence. This is, what I believe, God would be to the agnostic. From there, a perfect personality akin to their own would be assumed, and a destiny and their very own unique, personal virtue is thus revealed.