On Spirit Dreaming and Overcoming Fear

December 26th, 2020
Post by Moonosity

""For one loves from the very heart only one's child and one's work; and where there is great love of oneself, then it is a sign of pregnancy: thus have I found . . . O afternoon of my life! O happiness before evening! O harbour in mid-sea! O peace in uncertainty! How I mistrust you all! . . . Away with you, blissful hour! With you there came to me an involuntary bliss! I stand here ready for my deepest pain - you came out of season! . . . And he waited all night for his unhappiness: but he waited in vain. The night remained clear and still and happiness itself drew nearer and nearer to him . . ."

A question as of late that I have received is:

Q: Do you believe fear is the greatest challenge we face in life? Do you have any general thoughts on fear?

A: My answer is that the fear of our own self and power is the greatest challenge. Self-doubt. From there it spirals outwards and manifests in the more conscious, concrete world making the world a nervous wreck of a nightmare. To overcome it, one would need to unbind their own subconscious neural tensions. To do so, people often undergo psychotherapy and hypnosis. Spirituality greatly aids the individual in their quest to the point where if they lack it, they will not be able to truly evolve out of their neural tensions.

Q: Is identifying and overcoming your neural tensions something that you can do on your own?

A: Ultimately, yes. It takes effort in that when you begin to learn of your inner darkness, it can become quite frightening in that it evokes a very cold feeling of loneliness. That's the part that is so fragile and vulnerable, so it's good to know how to pull yourself up out of that depression. It awakens a dark night of the soul in order to overcome it. It's necessary, and it definitely can be overcome so long as your willpower is greater than that sadness. This is why many folks choose to ignore it and cover it up with banal living, television, literature, activities, etc. What helps me is feeling and allowing the God and Goddess to love you. To know your worth is great.

The Gods are more so enlightened spirits. But God and Goddess in the sense of creation is you. You cannot expect somebody, whether a god or a man, to fix the World for you, because you after all are the only one who knows how to fix it 100% to your liking. You are God here to be the hero of the World. So imagine yourself as a video game character. How do you go about it? This video game character vision of your self is the perception I'm talking about to see yourself as God.

Q: Do you feel the presence of spirits often? Once when I was falling asleep I felt that I was visited by a god, but I've been on the fence as to whether it was a genuine experience or just some lucid dream I was having.

A: It's never just some lucid dream.

Q: How do you know?

A: Because to be thinking on the lines of that something is only a lesser phenomena is not seeing the phenomena for its full value. If we go about believing the World is “just so basic”, then we begin to lose faith in it and ourselves, arousing such hate we have for life under a label we justify as nihilism. To deny meaning to anything is to reject its value and open up our perception of the World to fate of vague chances, and so a mere overly active imagination is only an easier way to brush unexplained phenomena under the rug. With this said, such an experience as being visited by a spirit or a god is not by mere chance, but rather it is a means they best convey important information to us. How do mediums become most receptive to spirit information? They must enter a state of mind that is relaxed and open where their subconscious is laid bare. When we dream, we are directly facing our subconscious, and so the energetic language of a spirit or god can most easily be transmitted in that plane. Our minds recognize this energetic language and translate it over to something that is better understood, like verbal speech and vivid visuals.

So then the question remains, how do we differentiate between a spirit encounter and our own personal, inflamed subconscious roots? In my experience, I have learned that a spirit or god will have a sort of “closeness” about them, as if they are a very real, imposing presence just like you would experience with a physical person in your waking life. There will be a sort of contrast between their nature and yours in such a way you become sharply aware of how vivid and tangible they are, whereas if you see them as more “close” and so casually familiar, like a very fluid thought or image that comes most natural as to be something you wouldn’t readily detect or even remember well compared to something distinctly different than you, then that would be one of your subconscious roots activated. And when we think about this in our real, waking life, do we not listen to and recall others’ words and actions more clearly and strongly than we do our own?


Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche, translated by R.J. Hollingdale (1961)

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