My Central Goal . . .

January 1st, 2021
Post by Moonosity

I realize that sometimes it may be a little difficult to understand what exactly my precise goal is that I wish to achieve with my work, so very clearly and concisely it is this:

My aim is to tackle the very core roots of civilization’s problems. I believe wholeheartedly that the center of humanity’s woes is directly our subconscious neural roots, being tied into thick knots. If we deduct as far back as we can through the causes of misfortune, we find that it always goes back to the individual, and specifically to the individual’s own willpower. But often that willpower is bound up and blinded by insecurities stemming from not only both our childhood and adulthood traumas and programming, but also our experiences from past and future lifetimes.

As we know with exterminating any disease, we must learn of and eliminate the heart of that disease. By this concept, we can observe that it is not so much our past failures and our future regrets that disempower the soul, for even the past and future are the symptoms of the present in which we currently and most consciously command this dream we call reality.

The very beginning and most important step of them all is to willfully choose and desire to purify your Self, for, ultimately, no one can make this decision for you. From there it is learning your own creative rhythm and functionality: that is acting upon your inspirations and listening to your inner voice whom sees the grander picture and cares to set you and others free of fear and toxicity. Such a feeling you get from this inner voice that you care neither to drive others away nor to attract others so much as to create a most uneasy tension between yourself and the object of your desire, but instead you allow those who are most naturally inclined to follow you to come you, and those most repelled by you to drift away as they desire. This is how we become more independent and strong and freed from the parasitic dependence upon others and the system to maintain your own footing!

In this way, we realize that not all is actually as okay as we had once believed about ourselves: that there are darknesses within us, even “missing time”, that we resent and fear thinking about. But these are the things that toxify our entire being! When we untangle the deep-rooted tentacles stuck fast ‘round our pockets of truth, ‘round those things we bottle up and store away, our nervous system acts in synchronicity, loosening up its stagnant muscles and breathing with optimal room and efficiency. Each bottle we open up and face its hidden pearl of truth, the stronger, smarter, and happier we become. Each bottle we open up is a boss in a video game to defeat and retrieve our stolen treasure: we are the main characters fighting to save ourselves, and as we save ourselves so do we, often unknowingly, influence others to do the same. Over time this ripples and ripples into the vastness of the World, touching every soul and thus evolving humanity on every level: spiritually, psychically, psychologically, socially, and biologically.

This is my aim for myself and all of the World. This is the Full Moon Fever that incinerates the sickness within and allows us to rise from those ashes renewed with clearer power and vision.