Exordium Astrologia

November 4th, 2020
Post by Moonosity

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So I will begin with a proper introduction to astrology, the study of the stars. To understand the system, a bit of mathematics is involved, but it is not the sole means of mastering it. One’s intuition paves the greatest direction. When you begin to see the wheel as a set of colors blending into one another, you will begin to feel it move. And it is not a fixed wheel, however, for the function of a wheel is to move with the creative, energetic Universe. As so, it is only natural to see the astrological system to move about as a motion picture, telling you a most organic story.

With that said, you would do well to not stick your mind to a limited system whereby the zodiac signs are set to certain pillars. They, too, move about as organically as a wheel, so their original said positions are, quite plainly, not in their designated places. I have a strong theory that the year, born on the Vernal Equinox, does not begin its course with Aries, but rather with Aquarius; thereby our standard planetary and house signs, when compared to the Western tropical system, are situated two signs backwards. Likewise, when compared to the Vedic sidereal system, those signs are located one sign backwards.

I have tried and tested this many a time with various astrological readings, and it proves always most accurate given the current age we are in. The times now are not like those during the Crusades, nor like those during the construction of the Great Pyramids. We are in an age of information and silicon, where, in the most unusual, radical harmony, both heroes and daemons dance and die.

Welcome to the age of Objectivity.


Your Natal Ascendant: What you look like to the World.

Your Natal Sun: How you shine unto the World; and what you ultimately seek to prove to the whole World.

Your Natal Moon: Your truest self when no one is watching; and what you ultimately seek that gives you complete serenity and awakens your inner child.

Your Natal Mercury: How you strategize and live your daily life and stay healthy; and the ultimate strategy you seek to win the game of natural selection.

Your Natal Venus: Your aesthetics; and the beauty you ultimately seek that makes you feel so good.

Your Natal Mars: How you are determined and aggressive; speaks to your primal instinct and what you ultimately seek in war and sex; and ultimately how you seek to destroy.

Your Natal Jupiter: How you expand and manifest yourself in the ultimate way; the divine will/law of God; how you interpret what is right and wrong.

Your Natal Saturn: Your ultimate limits that draw the border between what is clearly comfortable and clearly uncomfortable for you; what ultimately feels blasphemous; and what we consider as the birth of death.

Your Natal Uranus: How you defy order, create ultimate chaos, and liberate your soul entirely.

Your Natal Neptune: Your ultimate ideal self; who you envision your greatest self to be; your very transcended self.

Your Natal Pluto: You as the Nietzschean Superman! how you ultimately seek your complete destruction.

Your Natal Lilith: The Moon's apogee (or the furthest point the Moon is from Earth at a particular date); represents the dark vacuum of our innermost insecurities; thus our ultimate fascinations and obsessions; the Achilles Heel of the Soul.

Some key notes . . .

- Pluto is what we see our self as when we are at our most grounded, whereas Lilith is the cause/enemy of that image.

- Mars and Lilith seem to energize each other.

- The Sun gives reason for the Moon.