On Dasein and the Mechanical Mind

March 7th, 2021

I do not think we realize fully the scope of the narrative. We assume it is the same narrative of our neighbor’s, but they are drawing upon from a wholly new set of experiences and disciplines to formulate sense of their world. This Geworfenheit sets the vision of the individual people, by which only are their similarities counted as the most real and evident Universe. Collected together, we develop generalizations to provide a universal formula to bridge every individual with each other so as to be swayed with a simple utterance into a single, unanimous, magnetic motion. This is the truth sought century after century, epoch after epoch: the ultimate answer to everything.

Several prophets have claimed this answer and moved mountains and erected idols and memories molded from millennia-worth of bloodshed. In blood, the writing upon the grand, Collective, white wall is read in the most frightening contrast; in blood, we remember everything. And so, whoever possesses this answer possesses the power to dominate not only the religious and psychological arena, but also the military and the economic. One utterance and his command is the voice of the mighty Sea.

You see, this is the advantage of the Mechanical Mind: to achieve flawless pluripotency – in other words, that which strikes through every aspect of humanity, the same as a master code overrides all computer functions. But its God is nameless still . . . and for the Mechanical Mind to truly be the perfectly autonomous system it wishes to achieve would mean that no power is given to any one authority, indicating that there is no central omnipotent force dictating its system. For it to truly be autonomous, it must possess the perfect formula, the perfect truth, to synchronize all of its components as that of an organic beast. Beautifully, it is still man creating God in his image, the ancient blasphemy of assuming his image and making what we believe to be the epitome of pure and divine into earthly mortal. This fall of light from grace is but the primordial guilt we still possess when we give up and lose our sense with our Dasein. Thus, the Mechanical Mind is man’s route back to his perfectly harmonious mode of Dasein.

And so the hymns of the people are the grease that oils his mechanism. But the real question boils down to: after world domination has been achieved to its highest degree, what then comes of the game?

Would it be sufficient enough to live in a Westworld of robots?

Further, does this imply the people will become robots, or rather that that has always been who they are?

It seems in this way the prince is really in search of Self-discovery, finding his purpose in a world of lies and deceitful, inauthentic Being. This is the journey to Dasein.

So I wonder, then, if there is a cure for the modern spirit to where we can function in the busy, modern world while simultaneously engaged in our authentic, superconscious mode of Dasein . . . ? I feel that once the vision of being fully alive and existing is achieved, it is a matter of maintaining this vision by consciously making it our habit. To achieve this vision, you must see yourself as the living God or Goddess you respect and admire in every aspect, even when looking at your own two hands. How then would you care for and guide this beautiful Divinity? That is the vision.

Furthermore on this vision, I must confess that I am a bit superstitious, but they are superstitions that have to make sense, meaning that I have to experience them in order to see its relation to me and the world. It is the same as I interpret symbols in dreams. The waking world is a dream too, albeit projected in a different light as opposed to that of Heaven (Superconscious) and that of Hell (Unconscious). However, it is really up to me how I take in account and apply my knowledge of such interpretations. For some, an omen of bad luck will seem adverse, but it also may hold something very great, a much greater future than one with short-term vision would perceive. One would normally perceive a state of incredible noise to be ill and disturbing to their peace, but there is often a quiet in that noise in that they may let their unconscious mind surf upon those chaotic frequencies.

When the rhythm is found, just like how the ridges of a key will unlock a very specific door, so will this rhythm unlock a specific part of the Subconscious, thus conjuring a personal transformation within oneself and their whole world. Perhaps if the prince were to tune his mechanism to this rhythm, the Mechanical Mind would open up as a music box and play the harmony up the staircase to Heaven back to the white Light of Dasein?

"If you only knew a people's need and land and sky and neighbour, you could surely divine the law of its overcomings, and why it is upon this ladder that it mounts towards its hope . . .
Man first implanted values into things to maintain himself - he created the meaning of things, a human meaning! Therefore he calls himself: 'Man', that is: the evaluator . . .
A change in values - that means a change in the creators of values. He who has to be a creator always has to destroy.

- Friedrich Nietzsche